Granite 2.0 Original 20mm Paver 600x600 External

Sale price Sale price $77 99 PER SQM =
$56 15 PER BOX Tiles sold in 0.72 m2 Boxes.

colour : Original
finish : External
size : 600x600 20mm Paver
$77.99 PER SQM

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Why do we round up the quantity and recommend 10% extraWe ship tiles in full boxes per industry standards. The extra tiles are handy in case you need more for your project. Additionally, we recommend a 10% increase in your order to account for tile breakage.



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Paver sold per Box 0.72m2

Feels lightly textured like textured granite

Made of Porcelain

Inspired by natural Granite


Easy to clean and maintain

Suitable for use on Floors and Walls (commercial areas)

Suitable for use Indoors and Outdoors



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